Technology & Industry Division


Our Technology & Industry division relies on 4 entities to integrate and develop innovative technologies dedicated to green mobility on road (2 and 4 wheels), off-road (tracked vehicles) and on water. From design to production through prototyping and industrialisation, we cover a wide range of solutions :

▪ Lithium-ion battery
▪ Electric motor
▪ Management electronics
▪ Fuel cell
▪ Hybridization battery - super capacitor

Electrification is gaining ground not only in automotive but also in many other sectors such as yachting, tamping, extraction, grooming, etc...

GCK Industry, which includes our luxury brand GCK Exclusiv-e, was therefore created to integrate electrical technology developed by GCK Technology and the future GCK fuel cell into a wide range of vehicles.

Our deep knowledge of all powertrain components (engine, battery, gearbox, VCU, transmission, fuel cell) enables us to convert to electric and/or hydrogen a wide range of vehicles - cars, boats, snow groomers, excavators – thus having a significant economic impact for our customers who don’t have to replace their fleet while facilitating the global energy transition.

GCK Exclusiv-e magnifies iconic vehicles with the noblest materials while integrating the latest technologies in electrification. We will focus on the limited edition of legendary cars, the first of which will be the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, a six-time World Rally Champion car in the 80s and 90s.

IBS designs, develops and manufactures lithium-ion batteries for professional and consumer devices. With its ability to extract, recover, store and deliver green energy, IBS is a cornerstone of our ecosystem.

Fors Technologies manufactures, develops, assembles and prepares different types of vehicles. By supporting some of the top teams in various European and world championships, the company has established itself as a major player in motorsport and advanced technology.

Fors Engineering is our integrated design office with recognised know-how in 3 main areas:
▪ Tyre performance
▪ Simulation
▪ Product analysis and optimisation

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